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Our therapists specialize in everything from post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accidents, chronic back pain, vestibular rehabilitation, fibromyalgia management, and TMJ dysfunction.  

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When I began my therapy I would have never believed that weeks later I would be able to do most everything I couldn't do before.

My therapist has been amazing not just because of her talent and her professionalism but you feel like you have a friend as well, someone who cares, and because she cares it makes me work really hard.

If you ever have to have physical therapy you can do no better than ETC. The staff is very friendly and helpful and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome.


A month ago

I recently had knee replacement surgery. 


The difference I felt from the first session was amazing.

I am leaps and bounds above where I was when I walked through the door after only three sessions. I am very impressed.


I had a great experience working with the PTs at ETC.

I was impressed with the seamlessness of transitions between the therapists. They also take input from one another very well in order to provide the ideal care plan.

My ETC visits were throughout most of January 2021. All employees took COVID precautions seriously and executed them consistently. I felt safe while working there.

Thank you, ETC!